Video Spectral Comparator "Regula" Model 4305MH

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Regula model 4305M/MH is the upgraded version of model 4305 with new features:
-all light sources are LED (except UV 365, 313, 254)
-additional light sources for examination of infrared luminescence;
-more light filters;
- OVD examination (only for 4305M/MH version) ;
-built in RFID reader for verification of biometric data in new generation electronic documents;
-USB 2.0 data transfer interface for easier connection to PC;
-enhanced VideoScope software with new features: MRZ, RFID, 1D and 2D barcode reading
-new video spectral magnifiers:
- Regula model 4027 with anti-Stokes examination mode
- Regula model 4197 with magnetic ink visualization mode (optionally).


Examples of document examination
Examination in different UV lights



Design of the workstation allows performing expert level examination of passports, driver's licenses, IDs, technical and vehicle documents, visas and seals, banknotes, securities and other protected documents.


Authenticity control functions of the workstation include:

-activation of high-security printing features in different positions of White, Ultraviolet, Infrared, Green light;

-detection of alterations to documents: erasures, changed data, missing and alien elements;

-examination of retro-reflective security feature;

-observation of watermarks in transmitted light;

-examination of embossed stamps and intaglio printing in oblique light;

-reading microtext with necessary magnification.





254 nm


Delivery package includes VideoScope softvvare, developed by Regula, which provides extensive set of options needed for the full cycle of vvorking with images: obtaining, processing, comparing, analyzing and storing data, as well as

reading and verification of machine-readable zone (MRZ), 1D and 2D bar codes.




Microtext UV 365 nm





UV 400 nm



4305_f (icon_634.jpg)


4305_f (icon_634.jpg)


backgroud grid 313 nm



Examination in upper IR light


Banknote fragment in upper white light

Banknote fragment

in upper white light

870 nm

950 nm

Examples of document examination

Examination in upper white light Maximum view field

Optionally workstation may be supplied with "Passport", "Autodocs" and "Frontline Database System" databases, containing images of passports, identity and traveler documents, driving licenses and vehicle documents and forms from more than 160 countries.

Databases also contain information on security features of the included documents. This provides unique possibility to perform immediate comparison of examined documents with authentic samples.

Example of an image from the "Passport" database with description of security feature (VIP-effect on laminate)


4305_1eng (586.jpg)




General data

Dimensions - 330x310x280 mm

Weight-7,5 kg

Power supply- DC 12 V

Operating conditions

Temperature - +5 - 40

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