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Regula Ltd. is a scientific and industrial enterprise which was established in 1992 by several scientific engineers. Since then Regula Ltd. formed a group of companies which include Regula Baltija, Ltd. and Regula Forensics, Inc. and become a leading developer and producer of hi-tech forensic equipment and software. Today Regula Group is a leader in integrated solutions for forensic markets and governmental law-enforcement structures. Our development and introduction of up-to-date technologies include inventions that are technologically unique.

Regula Forensics, Inc. was established in May 2010 in the United States. The main goal of the company is to understand needs of US Federal customers and private customers to provide the optimal solutions. Because Regula Forensics, Inc. is a member of the Regula Group of Companies and the Regula Group Partners, we are able to provide global technical and sales assistance and product support.

Regula Group customers include: ministries of internal and external affairs, police, border control and customs authorities, banks, insurance companies and other structures and organizations from all over the world. The company constantly collaborates with Interpol, Europol, United Nations and other specialized international and regional organizations.The primary activity of the company is production of instruments for authenticity control of security papers, IDs, passports, banknotes, driving licenses' etc. Company has developed software and databases of travel documents and currency for use with our equipment.

The company implemented ISO 9001:2000 certified by TUV Management Services GmbH. Regula Ltd. aims at exploring new markets and bringing high quality products in order to ensure stability and security for every person worldwide.


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